Safe Haven book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. From the #1 New York Times bestselling author comes a captivating lo. Safe Haven is a Fantasy romantic novel by American novelist Nicholas Sparks. It was published in According to WorldCat, the book is held in The Notebook, The Wedding, A Bend in the Road, Safe Haven ~ New Bern is a based on the best selling novel by Nicholas Sparks from a screenplay by Dana movies, I've read books, I've seen episodes on U.S. commercial television.

Safe Haven Nicholas Sparks Book

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Book reviews If you know Nicholas Sparks, you probably know the answer, but you'll be surprised by the twists and turns Safe Haven has to offer. But Safe Haven is darker than some of Sparks' other novels, and there is an element of. Safe Haven [Nicholas Sparks] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When a mysterious young woman named Katie appears in the small North . Safe Haven (), a romance novel by American author Nicholas Sparks, centers on Safe Haven begins as a young woman arrives in Southport, North Carolina. and producer, the author of eighteen novels and two nonfiction books .

She turns up hungry, thin and desperate.

She catches the eye of Alex, not only because she is beautiful, but because she looks scared. When his son falls into the canal, Katie is there to comfort his daughter — which starts their friendship. Another person who befriends Katie is her new neighbour Jo. Between Jo and Alex they bring Katie out of her shell and eventually, as she falls in love with Alex, she reveals what she is running from.

The story follows her and Alex as they fall in love and Katie slips into the family, spending time with Alex and his children. She is being hunted however, and life might not always be happy or safe.

Around halfway through the book Katie reveals her real name and tells the story of her marriage, and her husband Kevin. We see what happens to him once he realises Katie is gone, his thoughts and feelings and his actions. I was intrigued that he regularly quoted Bible verses, even when he was in the wrong — it showed a very confused man. However, this does not excuse his actions.

I did like that both sides of the story were told, it added depth and meaning to the story. I liked the characters, especially Katie and Alex. I loved how delicate they were at the beginning, Katie because of her husband and Alex because of the death of his wife. I was impressed that even though Katie had left Kevin she refused to sleep with Alex because she was still married.

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I thought Sparks was right to do that — it added integrity to the book and characters. The ending of the book was so exciting!

Kevin came and chased Katie. Kevin, however, is able to drive away. He goes to Katie's house.

Safe Haven

When she learns that Alex left the children at her house, she is terrified, knowing that Kevin will hunt her down at her house, putting the children's lives in danger. As they reach Katie's house, Kevin attacks Alex with a crowbar.

Kevin is going to shoot and kill Katie, but when he fires the gun, the bullet hits Kevin in the stomach and he dies in front of Katie. Alex had been given an unopened letter from his dead wife, Carly.

After he and Katie recover from their injuries, they locate the safe in the ashes of the burnt home.

He gives Katie the unopened letter to read. She goes home to read it and is shocked when she sees Jo's house looking like no one had ever lived in it. Startled, she begins to think that Jo had been a complete figment of her imagination. Upon reading the letter, Katie realizes that it was written by Alex's late wife, Carly Jo, whom friends called "Jo".

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Which is a roller coaster. First hundred pages: Typical Sparks. Reading him is like eating at McDonalds. You know the taste. No surprises.

If you want quick fix to your hunger, you pass by an outlet. Quality food at reasonable price.

What I am saying is that there is nothing wrong with Nicholas Sparks' novels. You want romance, you get romance. You just read to be entertained, you get entertained. You don't want mind-boggling read, you just read and no need to think. You get what you expect.

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Second hundred pages: So I thought. Because suddenly, Nicholas Sparks made a detour. Unlike the first 3 books, he tried to become something that he hasn't done before.Dec 30, K. Finding work at a seafood restaurant, she becomes friends with her neighbor, Jo, and gets to know the town's general store owner, Alex.

While the story kept me interested it was not a favourite.

I thought Sparks was right to do that — it added integrity to the book and characters. You know the taste. I think Sparks dealt with the issue of domestic abuse and death very well.

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