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Mike Murdock - Os Segredos da Liderança de Jesus. Enviado por Luiz Carlos. Direitos autorais: Attribution Non-Commercial (BY-NC). Baixe no formato PDF. More From Click Stamp. raudone.info Uploaded by. Lucas Silva. Mike Murdock - Segredos Do Homem Mais Rico Que Já. View A Lei do Reconhecimento - Mike raudone.info from CPAD 41 at Cambridge Gênesis é pois nitidamente o livro dos começos o livro das origens livro cuja.

Rute 2. E tu, dentre todo o povo,. Reconhece-o em todos. Concentre-se totalmente em cada. A sua integridade. O Reino de Deus conta com a lei da. Eu discerniria e dominaria o tem. A lei do protocolo e sua recompensa. O pai incomum consistentemente t. Short-link Link Embed. Share from cover. Share from page: Page 2 and 3: Mike Murdock de Chaves Sabedoria e Page 4 and 5: Seu foco decide seus sentimentos. A qualidade de sua semente determin Page 30 and As 7 maiores descobertas da minha v Page and As 7 vantagens da adversidade Tudo Page and E, chegada a tarde, Page and E tu, dentre todo o povo, Page and Reconhece-o em todos Page and Concentre-se totalmente em cada Page and O Reino de Deus conta com a lei da Page and Eu discerniria e dominaria o tem Page and A lei do protocolo e sua recompensa Page and This can't be your all.

It is too small to be. Expand your thinking. Re- invent your opinions. Improve on your perspective. Your life can be more beautiful than it is today. Take a break and think about it.

I'm tired of hanging around people with small dreams. Anything goes. It is an insult to the finished work of. Perhaps the reason why you have not been achieving so much is because it has not dawned on you that you can! The Mexican fisherman never thought of it, so he couldn't take delivery of it. He couldn't take steps towards it.

Probably you've not thought of it too, but you can! By improving on your dreams today, you have a guarantee of a better tomorrow. Small dreams only limit you. Dream big!

Decide On What You Want Just as the Mexican needed to make up his mind on how big he wanted life to reward him for all his labour, so do you. You have to decide on what you want and how big you want it! What exactly do you want? Having established that, then we need to ask you: Next to that is awakening your determination to getting it. It is about getting it no matter how long it takes or how small you may start. Years ago, I had a dream to write bestseller titles not just nationally but internationally acclaimed!

Today, I am more confident that someday my written works will go beyond the shores of my nation into worldwide fame. I may not be on that verge now, but my dream tells me it's a matter of time. So, I. Your life will always grow up to the size of your dream. No tax. No financial obligation attached to it. It only requires your time and discipline. It is the size of your vision that determines the measure of your God- given provision that flows to you.

You don't dream according to your pocket. Dream according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus! Dream according to His supply. Small dreams only want. Great people don't dream small dreams. They have an understanding that their You are what dreams will bring them unto a you dream.

You new pedestal of success and are as rich or poor greatness. So they blow it up! You are as rich or poor as your vision is. The quality of your dream reveals the quality of your financial future. It is expedient you realize that your financial destiny is quietly sleeping in the visions and aspirations that God is laying upon your heart. That project you put on the shelf waiting for perfect conditions before accomplishment could worth millions of dollars.

So, wake up and make it happen. That is why I think those small dreams are not meant for you. Aspire unlimitedly! D reams awaken hope and create new realities. Vision makes them real. It helps you to see them before they become obvious. It focuses your thoughts on new heights and possibilities. You gain the ability to find what other people miss.

You see what every eye cannot see. Vision launches you into a new world of opportunities. You find amazing opportunities to make things happen and get financially rewarded. Before every other people wakes up, you are already taking advantage of it. How wonderful it could be! The wealth of every nation belongs Vision launches to men of vision. Opportunities are you into a new everywhere on the streets of this world of country but it takes a visionary eye opportunities to find one.

Vision makes them obvious. Tools of Change Revolution begins Revolution begins with a man that with a man that has has given himself over to his given himself over dreams. God cannot do so much in your life without empowering you with dreams and desires.

That's where He starts from. But how much of it that happens is determined by how much of your life that is given over to the pursuit thereof.

There is no such thing as change save that which is brought about. Your dream holds the key to your change. When God wants to change a people, He gives a dream. When He wants to revolutionize a nation, He reforms and refocuses their thoughts, and gives them a new vision. That new vision is what produces a new nation. Vision inspired those changes. You can imagine what this world looks like four centuries ago. Imagine the ancient cities. Think of development.

Imagine the style of governance. Think of mobility. Remember technology. Now consider how it looks today. Dreamers made all the difference. They improve our economy. Transform our organizations. Raise our standard of living. Give us fresh hope! They practically touch our lives. I celebrate dreamers. They are the heroes we all need in our world today. Dreams are tools of change only when we can positively harness them.

His own dream was a passionate desire for a national reformation. Where the Negro, the black Americans, could enjoy the same liberty that their fellow white Americans enjoy. These were his words: I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a dream today. Forty years had come and gone, the impacts of Martin Luther King Jnr.

It is changing the very face of their political life. And that goes on to show us how a personal dream can inspire a national reformation. His dream restored the hope of the hopeless Negro community, and kept the bells of freedom ringing. While Martin Luther had his dream in the American dream, these questions keep jingling within me. What is our national dream?

Do we as nation have anything like a year plan? Where are we going from here? What direction are we moving as a people? Until we define where we are going, every other place looks like it. By national vision, I'm talking about slogans or government policies that change from time to time. Regime after regime. I'm not talking of trying to put something on paper that lacks passionate commitment.

Let's get the fundamental things right first then we can move on from there. Our nation will change only when we decide for a change!

Fulfilling Your Dreams PDF

I do also every other place believe that personal dreams have their place in national reformation. Edison of Edison Illuminating Company and a host of others whose contributions to the American nation is both historic and heroic! They transformed their industries.

While the Government must wake up to providing visionary leadership and policies that will help restructure our industries, we must not forget that our personal dreams hold tremendous power to transform our industries and salvage our capsizing economy. Do remember this: Any change or development you find anywhere in the world, people put it there!

So let the freedom bell rings. Let the change begins. Let it start with you! Mike Okonkwo. T his is one of the areas that most people do have challenges with their dreams, especially at this side of the world. Having so much on mind but no capital to execute them. I do believe this chapter will help to solve some of those challenges.

Leaving school some years back, the first place I worked was in a print media-house.

I enjoyed every working day, feeling like I was doing something I wanted to do. Working in that establishment fired up my passion for publishing. Something within me started yearning for expression. Years later, I took a decision to publish my first book, 'Developing Mental Ascent,' and there was nothing anywhere to lay my hands on.

So, I decided to save an amount for a few months just to get they can do Ed Howe at least something to start with. The money wasn't going to finish the project but all I needed was a start. I started out, and before long people began to respond to my dream by sending in their support. Before you could say Jack Robinson, the project was fully executed and formally presented.

It has since sold and recorded readership in tens of thousands. It became the very dream that led to the establishment of my resource outfit and media company. All I needed to do was to start from where I was. I started with the little I had.

That simply means there is always something you can do about that venture where you are right now! Men are in sizes. If you have a big dream and don't have the financial resources commensurate to it.

All you need to do is to divide it into phases, and then you will find a place you can start from. It was Ed Howe that said; 'People are always neglecting something they can do and trying to do something they can't do.

They want good office accommodation. Well furnished! They want to employ a good number of professionals. They think of providing sound machineries and durable automobiles. Good dream! Isn't it? But not everybody can afford to start that way.

Simplify your dream. Narrow it down to your present level. If you do your home-work well you'll definitely find your starting-point.

You can always start where you are with what you have and watch your efforts grow. In my own case, I only needed to make the manuscript ready and started saving for it. Ken Keys Jr. You may start like a home-based business and watch it grow into the size of your vision. Wall Mart started in a store but today, it has grown to become the largest retailer in the United States.

You may even need to start with your friend in his rented office apartment. As the case may be, you can start something with your next salary. You may not have all the money but start with. Don't be afraid to start small. Never postpone anything that is worth doing. Dollar Start where you are with what you have. There are long and short term dreams. There are dreams that require immediate execution, while others may be your 5 or year dreams.

For long term dreams, you can consider a saving plan. Start by saving a particular percentage of your monthly income so you won't need to start looking for financial support when the fullness of time comes. You would have been able to save almost all that will be required to actualize them. Never postpone Is it for your retirement? Your anything that is children's education. B u y i n g properties. Actualizing your professional dream. Any of these. The good news is this: In a case where you don't have all the money to start with, be humble enough to ask for support from other people.

You can thoughtfully and prayerfully seek for support from your friends, relations, banks and micro-credit institutions. Take a credit facility if you have to. By asking others to be a part of what you are doing, you are simply giving them an opportunity to be a part of what is important to you- your joy and your success. When we sow a seed of help, we become entitled to a harvest of it. Somebody out there needs your favour. There is a need to help somebody become what he hopes to become.

You can help a fellow achieve what he believes he can achieve. You lose nothing by being a vision-helper. Sow the seed now. Somebody out there is waiting When we sow a for it. On the way, his carriage was helplessly trapped in the mud of a rural road. Appearing on the scene with a team of large draft horse was a young Scottish farm boy. He hurriedly had the carriage out of its dilemma and was ready to resume his own journey. The English Lawmaker insisted on paying the young man but the boy gave a frank refusal.

He was simply being a good neighbour, and neighbours help each other out when there is difficulty. The gentleman was immediately taken with this young man and his attitude. Almost half a century later, another famous English Statesman lay dangerously close to death. He was suffering from Pneumonia. Winston Churchill had become ill while attending a wartime conference and England desperately needed his leadership as Hitler threatened to destroy their nation.

Just like a miracle, Churchill speedily recovered because his physician gave him an injection of a new wonder drug called penicillin. Penicillin had just been discovered by the brilliant medical doctor, Alexander Fleming. Alexander Fleming was the young boy who had pulled out the stalled carriage from the mud. He saw potentials not just a farm boy, and his commitment to helping the boy reached his place of fulfillment saved the life of his son fifty years later.

And by saving the life of Winston Churchill, indeed he may have saved all England! If it is true that no one attains his destiny all alone, then you may not know how valuable it is to lend a helping hand today until tomorrow opens up. You can be a vital part of other peoples' successes. You can be a vision-helper today. We all need people! Samuel Lover. I n a moment I will be sharing with you stories of common men who attained their dreams despite their predicaments and limitations.

Challenges of life come to everyone. The rich and poor. The great, the mighty and the small alike. But the most Benjamin Disraeli important thing is what we do when adverse time comes. Some people get drowned by it, while others take advantage of it. Some drop their visions because they are greatly challenged, while others rise above the winds, taking strides into their destiny on account of it.

It keeps you stronger. It leaves you better. It helps to bring out your very best. Now, hear the stories of these men.

On St. Patrick's Day, , he married Eleanor Roosevelt. Following the example of his fifth cousin, President Theodore Roosevelt, whom he greatly admired, Franklin D. Roosevelt entered public service through politics but as a Democrat.

At age 28, he won election to the New York Senate. In the summer of , when he was 39, disaster hit he was stricken with poliomyelitis. Demonstrating indomitable courage, he fought to regain the use of his legs, particularly through swimming.

However, he made a decision never to stop going after his possibilities. Smith as you wiser. It keeps the 'Happy Warrior. It Roosevelt became Governor of New York. He was elected President in November , and remained the only President ever elected four times. The victim of congenital glaucoma, he was left permanently blind at birth.

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Feliciano overcame his handicap to score many international hits. Some of the neighbours suggested that he gets a cup and beg for money like blind people were supposed to do, but Jose refused.

Rather he taught himself to play guitar by staying in his room for up to fourteen hours a day to listen tos rock albums. At 17, he quit school to play on clubs, because his family was going through a precarious economic situation. He went to Detroit. In , RCA Victor officials signed him up. The result was two smashing hits with the singles Poquita fe little faith and Uste You Usted being a more polite way to say you in Spanish.

He received a star in Hollywood Walk of Fame in , after continuing on being a very popular singer during the s. He had his hands cast on the famous Madam Tussaud's museum's Wall of Fame and he was a star of his native Puerto Rico. Born blind yet lives his dream. Beethoven was deaf yet played the best symphonies and harmonies in the history of music. That was beyond the ordinary. He wrote the world's best musical composition by laying his head on the piano and feeling the vibration of the cords.

He is said to be the greatest composer of all times. Of a truth, limitation only stops the weak and the purposeless. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jose Limitation only Ro o s e v e l t a n d L u d w i g v o n stops the weak Beethoven overcame their predicaments and became and the purposeless international icons because they strongly believed in their dreams.

You can succeed if you believe in yourself even though the whole world does not. But you will never amount to so much if the whole world believes in you and you don't believe in yourself. As a matter of fact, it is not a problem if no one believes or support what you are doing or standing for. Of course, you don't expect everyone to commend your aspirations. But there is a big problem if you, because of what people say or do, lose your confidence in what you are capable of bringing to fruition.

Are there people mocking your dream today? Do you have people around you that don't approve of what you are doing? It was like that too when Jesus came on a mission to redeem the world.

10 passos Gigantes para o sucesso - 09-17.pdf

Many didn't believe in Him even those we think should. You don't mind them, only focus on getting results. It's only a matter of time they will soon change their minds. Don't Let Go! Greatness can be perceived. People can sense it when a man that will stand before kings, stands before them. Some respond positively to your perceived destiny, while others react negatively to it.

They are just uncomfortable with the promises your life shows. They are upset when you come around talking about your God- given dreams.

They wonder why somebody like you should be nurturing such remarkable dreams. They become angered and intimidated and some are even ready to do anything or go any mile in expressing it. This holds true: You will remain in the good books of some people provided you don't nurture some kind of dreams and manifest some kind of possibilities. Joseph's brothers would have continued to treat him nicely if not for his dreams.

Perhaps they would have persisted in taking him around as their 'boy' if not for the promises his God-given vision was showing. They were infuriated by his destiny. Or are you really going to rule us? If Joseph was hated and maltreated by his own brothers because of what the future had in stocks for him, then who can't be? There are dream-killers all around. They are everywhere in your workplace, in the organization you belong, in your church even on your family.

There are people who like you to rise but not above them.

They want you to do well but not better than they are doing. Your gifts and calling threaten their positions.

These folks are in every place you could imagine. Their minds are too small for the bigness of God's glorious agenda for your life, and they are ready to do 'anything' to stand on your way.

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But here is the consolation, every God-ordained destiny will always ultimately triumph. No one can successfully withstand it. So feel a release to fulfill your You can succeed dream. An impulse to reach out for the sky.

Your destiny is Heaven's if you believe enough decision, and no one can stop it in yourself even though without your consent. They let go too soon. They wait for other people to decide what happens in their lives. They permit circumstances of life to determine their future. They allow what they are going through to define where they are going in life. One great thing to learn in challenging times is learning to sail your ship.

It doesn't matter what people choose to say or do around me, it really doesn't matter, the most important thing is being resilient enough to make my purpose happen. And you will have to come to terms with this too. Yes, things may be tough, and dream-mockers may be lurking all-around but if you can hold on enough to fulfilling your dream, you will soon change the tide. Abraham Lincoln's counsel proves excellent. Don't let it go! Never Accept Defeat Life will offer you reasons for discouragement and failure, however, acceptance of such is a personal choice.

Discouragement is the starting-point of both failure and defeat, to give it a chance is terminate your chance for success. No matter how many times life knocks you down, get up, dust yourself, and keep reaching out for new possibilities.

Never accept defeat. He kept reaching for new possibilities. So life did reward him by giving him the number one job in the world to th do. He became the 16 U. That says something to all very loud and clear too; life gives nothing to one on a platter of gold, lest it slips way in a moment. You've got to stand for it. Fight for it. Keep reaching out for it until you finally have it all in your hands.

Classmates swarmed around 7 year Life gives nothing old Kian Meng William Tan's desk, to no one on a laughing, slapping his head, then platter of gold, darting out of reach. Crippled William shifted in his front row chair scanning the class for help. The teacher had left the room. Then, another searing smack was delivered to the back of his head.

Suddenly William lunged at his tormentor, catching his arm and biting it. The bully's scream rang through the hallways. William was expelled from school. William had been a happy chubby toddler, but a month before he turned three, he became feverish and sluggish. By evening, the boy who loved to chase his two older sisters could no longer stand. At the hospital, test confirmed polio. William's heartsick parents knew their son's future depended upon a good education at a public school. Then Lily accompanied him to school, carrying him up the stairs to his classroom.

At the end of the academic year, William emerged as Selegie's top year one pupil. In front of the entire school assembly, Lily proudly carried her brother onto the stage to receive his award. In year three he told his mother and father, a food hawker, he intended to walk into school. Through a social worker he received a pair of donated wooden crutches and iron braces. But when his classmates went out for break or lunch or music class, William was still left behind.

He felt like a prisoner listening to the happy sounds of instruments or noise from the playground drifting through the open windows. After year six, he scored well enough on a national examination to earn a place at his dream school, Raffles Institution.

There, he excelled in a broad range of subjects especially science. Yet, despite new friends and a growing independence, there was only so much he could do and he was still self-conscious about his disability.

In , William read in The Straits Times of a paralyzed Singapore policeman, Wahid Baba, who coached disabled athletes at a local stadium. Here was a chance to try an unaffordable wheelchair, to play sport. The next Saturday afternoon, he took a taxi to Farrer Park, and then hobbled unto the track to meet Baba.

William smiled. He would seek out Baba Your disability every Saturday, as well as Tuesday is not your end, it and Thursday training sessions. Along the way he by other people counseled the teen on the importance of his studies and offered advice on nutrition.

You've got to do whatever you can. Baba seems to do everything, thought William. He had a wife and family held a job with Singapore Police Cooperative Society, and remained an avid sportsman. I can lead a normal life too, William thought. My disability is not an obstacle. Under Baba's tutelage, William blossomed into an elite athlete.

In , he became the first wheelchair athlete to complete the Singapore marathon. He has since raised millions of rand in various long distance pushes, including a journey from Singapore to Thailand, and London and Boston marathons, for charities around the world. After finishing his schooling at Raffles, he studies Life Sciences at the National University of Singapore, then went on to earn. William said if not for his disability, he might not have had the drive to become a medical scientist, and make a difference in the world.

I can either drown this giant with my tears of sorrow over my disability or unleash it and maximize my remaining potentials. Not even disability.

He will always ultimately triumph. Your disability is not your end, it simply means you have to make use of avenues unexplored by other people. You can still rise in life, and make all your dreams come true. Benjamin Franklin. And the LORD answered me, and said, 'Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: As discussed in the first chapter, it is not enough to have a God- given vision, what you do with it is what counts.

The major reason why many wonderful dreams die a natural death is because the recipients are not willing to pay the required price for their fulfillment.

Majority are not ready to give their all.

Many others only wish they come to pass. No passionate commitment. The Bible does not say run the race so that you can achieve the crown. It says run the race in such a manner that you would achieve the crown.

You must understand that dreams never fulfill themselves, people fulfill them. You need faith, courage and determination to drive your dream to fulfillment. All of these, put together, are what build up your passion.

Your vision is always at the mercy of the passion with which you are running with it. No matter how wonderful your dream sounds, what you do with it is what counts. No man runs without a will. No one runs without a purpose. There is an African proverb that says, 'When you see a man running, he is either running after something or something is running after him. Purpose is it! Obviously, every dream serves a purpose. It is the understanding of this purpose that enables us to go the extra- mile.

You can't do much with your dream if you don't understand what it stands for. Purpose ignites passion. The clearer you find its purpose, the better your speed. The beauty of every dream lies in the purpose it has come to serve. Powered By Passion Passion is the inner force that constantly pushes us to reach out for our goals and fulfill our dreams.

It puts us on the road. It sends us to places we wouldn't have gone ordinarily. It wakes us up to the responsibility of making our dreams come true. Without this inner drive our dreams get nowhere. Passion strengthens you against adversities and disappointments. It is that which keeps you awake while others are sleeping. It is what makes you willing to pay any price. It stretches you and makes you ready to go the extra-mile while others are dropping by the roadside of their life-pursuit.

Passion is powerful! A young man came to my house and sparked up a discussion on how wonderful what he wanted to do was, and how the financial capital had not been there. Every person waits to hear how Your vision is much of your money that has gone into what you are talking about. They tend to measure your which you are running personal commitment before giving with it yo u a n a s s u ra n c e o f t h e i r commitment.

So start with yourself first. Your time. Your money. Make impressive efforts. Then you will soon win support. So they put you on the spot, and with keen interest measure you up. It holds true, the level of your personal commitment reveals your seriousness. If you are serious enough about what you want to have done, it means you will soon win support. There are two positive ways to feed your passion. One, what you read. Two, what you listen to.

Reading good books like this one in your hands on motivation helps to awaken your passion for pursuit. I don't just read. I read what will give me enough inspiration on my walk with God, my relationship with people and my personal pursuits. I read awesome books. What you listen to is equally important.

Feed your passion on daily basis with very inspiring tapes. Make it a way of life. Because what you listens to feeds your soul, and whatever feeds your soul will soon fill your life. We all need motivation to awaken our potentials for success. No one takes Let Your Passion Drive You you serious until they see how committed I once read in Daystar magazine, a you are to your story of a gentleman, Ayo Arowolo, dream publisher of Moneywise and pioneering editor of Financial Standard; a weekly publication that educates the public on financial matters.

He told a story of how wretched he was a few years back, how the dream of Financial Standard started, and how his passion had driven him to success in the publishing media despite the odds. Then, I had to conclude and concur with him that the future your dream has is what you give to it through your relentless dedication and passionate commitment. Make Your Mark!

The greatest gift you can leave behind for generations to come is a life well-spent. A s I sat back to think about ordinary people that left their footprints on the sands of time, the Wright Brothers quickly came to mind. They had just been told that 'Only birds could fly in the sky', yet they brought about an astounding invention. They invented the aeroplane. They are no more, but their contribution to humanity lives on! Evidently, you can't lead an impactful life without a dream. Today's dreams are tomorrow's impacts.

People won't always remember you for what you have or who you are, but for what you do.

Your contribution to life. Your impact in the society. That's what keeps you on minds. That's what prints your name in gold in the annals of history. Peter who you are, but for Marshall said, 'The measure of life is not in its duration but in its what you do donation. Making impact is our calling, it is expedient we live it. We all will be remembered for our contributions. He is If you want to such a visionary executive. He made communications easier for us. He remarkable!

He gave us electricity. He pioneered new companies that employed thousands of people. She left a legacy of integrity and transparency in public service. His administration stood for the interest of the masses. Contributors don't die because their works live on! It is what you do, not what you have. Not the positions you held but the contributions you made. We are all hoping you can do more with your life.

It's just time you make that mark! This nation is waiting for you. The suffering masses deserve your visionary leadership. This generation wants to know to you. Our industries can't wait for your valuable innovations. The media is waiting. The business- world desires your involvement. We can't wait any longer for you.

Make your mark! After a lengthy and successful career in direct sales, Mary Kay retired in for a month. During those four weeks she decided to write a book to help women thrive in the male dominated business-world.

Sitting at her kitchen table, she made two lists: When she reviewed the lists, she realized that she had inadvertently created a marketing plan for a successful 'dream company'. The company she founded remains today as one of the greatest success stories in the annals of business. Mary Kay's initial goal remains intact, to provide women with an unlimited opportunity for personal and financial success.

She used the Golden Rule as her guiding philosophy and encouraged employees and members of her independent sales force to prioritize their lives with God first, family second and career third.

With her steadfast commitment to those principles and her Keep working t re m e n d o u s d e t e r m i n a t i o n , dedication and hardwork, Mary Kay at it until it grew her dream from a small direct works! The Company today includes more than , independent Beauty Consultants in 37 markets on five continents. Everything started with a dream. Then a plan. Thirdly, a steadfast commitment to her plans. The goodnews is this: You only need to know you can!

Dreams do come true. In Genesis 37, Joseph had a dream. Genesis 41, 42, his dream came true. The cupbearer and the baker for Pharaoh, king of Egypt had dreams. Genesis Don't wait! There is a natural tendency in every human that tends to impact his behavioural dispositions the challenge is, every one of us will have to break through the holds of the human nature that seems to crave for pleasure, passion and comfort to establish a disciplined life in our quest to fulfill our dreams.

I know I have disappointed You many times by my sinful way of life. Because they have not seen their all. At the end of the academic year, William emerged as Selegie's top year one pupil.

Years later, I took a decision to publish my first book, 'Developing Mental Ascent,' and there was nothing anywhere to lay my hands on. All you need to do is to divide it into phases, and then you will find a place you can start from.

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