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This ebook gives an overview of the clinical The black box of orthodontic research is considered as a reference for orthodontic professionals who look for validation and optimization of their basic knowledge, experience and updated research concerning the orthodontic field.

Achalasia is a medical condition that affects the way food can pass through your oesophagus into your stomach.

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It is an unusual condition and is associated with the way that the nerve endings driving the muscles around the oesophagus operate. People suffering this condition have problems with Find out exactly what Menopause is and how you can stop suffering from the symptoms and feel fabulous again!

The prevalence of obesity is increasing fast. Our bodies accumulate fat for times of scarcity of food, but it is leading to problems- of high cholesterol, heart diseases, osteoarthritis of the knees and sleep apnoea to state a few.

Each grams of fat can provide us energy needed for going one Genetic disorders are still perceived as an uncommon event in our general population. However the literature reveals that every year an estimated 7.

Garlic is a herb commonly used in the kitchen to add flavor and aroma to food. Though the medicinal properties of garlic were well-known to the ancient humanity, it is only recently that it has been accepted widely as a great anti-cancer agent.

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Join Now Login. Sort by: The textbook is extremely pleasing in that, unlike many large reference texts, the subspecialty areas manage to maintain their relevance to the practice of emergency medicine.

The textbook is divided into seven sections: Life ThreateningEmergencies Signsand Symptoms Medical Emergencies Trauma SurgicalEmergencies Psycho-SocialEmergencies Procedures This organizational strategy provides a logical division of information that is easily referenced.

It is precisely the ease of reference and division of information that makes this text so useful in the emergency department. Although it covers a broad range of issues from analgesia to transport, it is focused on the NOW decisions often made in the emergency department.


It covers the diagnostic approach to 78 different clinical signs or symptoms. Once the diagnosis is made or suspected, management information follows in the subsequent sections. The section on medical emergencies is primarily system oriented.

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It also contains useful sections on toxicological and environmental emergencies. The section on trauma begins with an excellent overview of the injured child and is then divided into subspecialty areas of trauma from burns to ocular injuries.

The section on surgical emergencies is also primarily divided into surgical subspecialty areas. The section on psycho-social emergenciesis a must for the practicing emergency physician.

Textbook of pediatric emergency medicine (3rd ed)

The section addresses many difficult scenarios that may present to the emergency department. Finally, the procedures section nicely rounds out this text.

The text in this section is somewhat brief but is enhanced by a large number of illustrative diagrams. Noteworthy points include the index, which is 60 pageslong and quite complete.University of Michigan NA Pages.

The senior editor, Dr. This guideline update was originally intended to include recommendations based on a review of new evidence about the use of paracetamol, etoricoxib and fixed-dose combinations of NSAIDs plus gastroprotective agents in the management of osteoarthritis.

Kieran Maher, Wikibook. The text used for this review demonstrated wear out of proportion to the age of the text.

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