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Muntakhab Ahadith - Urdu - By Shaykh Muhammad Yusuf Kandhelvi (r.a)In " HADITH BOOKS". Nida e Mimbar o Mehrab By Shaykh. book Malfoozat hazrat molana muhammad ilyas deobandin PDF format. This is a Islami book मलफूज़ात मौलाना इलियास: Malfoozat In Hindi Language Malfoozat Hazrat Maulana Mohammed Ilyas (Rah) - HINDI This book is a.

The Elders at Nizamuddin immediately orderd the Jamaat to return back They said that you have divided the Ummah and now you cannot work Tablighi Jamaat Bidah, Shirk, Sometimes Kufr This itself is suggesting that these are two extremes among Muslims groups and also indicating that Tabligh has taken good thing from Tasawwuf and has left the innovations No Answer Should be given Day of Judgment is very near Zarrah Barabar khair or Shar ka Faisla hona Hai If this world would have been eternal that would necessiated the response This world is going to end very soon We dont believe in much defending because of two reason.

The only loss will be the person making allegations. You can save your face in this world Just clear the facts that you have confirmed from ground in defence and put forward to others if they accept it is good, if they reject leave the matter for Allah.

Who is the final judge. We are not telling anything over this type of group mentality May Allah save all of us from the demand of the day of Qiyamah. Stand of Common Tablighi worker at ground for criticism and allegation Those who are really doing the effort of Dawah at ground for them all praise and criticism is alike They want Praise and reward only from Allah On of brother said They pray for all mankind and consider everyone as their brother and sisters Ek dilchasp Mazmoon Jo ek Kitab se liya gaya hai The Tablighi Jamaat elders other call leaders at Markaz Hazrat Nizamuddin, Delhi,India have a written policy of not indulging in any argument and counterarguement and defence in the case of criticism and allegation.

Maulana Inamul Hasan R. Whereas if they are wrong ,have patience leave the matter to Allah.

You reply again they will issue another rejoinder. It will continue like this and no purpose will be served.

Maulana Ilyas remarked Discourse of Maulana Ilyas Page no 25 "Our workers must remember well that if their da'wah invitation is not accepted and instead they are insulted,abused or baseless allegations are made against them.

On such an occasion they should remember that this was the sunnat established way and heritage of the Arnbiya alayhiqus salaam , especially that of our Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.

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Where does everyone get the good fortune of being belittled and degraded in the path of Allah? Flag as inappropriate.

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Malfoozat wa iqtebasaat maulana yusuf kandhlawi. The Current Syllabus of the Madaris Part.

He was a simple Alim e Deen has not written any article or Fatwa

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