Looking for a best pdf reader for iPad or iPhone that can handle bookmarking, annotation, notes, comments? Read this in-depth guide. The best PDF app for managing, editing, and reading PDFs on your iPad. We researched seventeen different PDF apps to try and find the best. Are you looking for the best PDF reader for iPad? Good, so were we. That's why we created this ultimate list of the 5 best PDF apps. Each one.

How To Pdf Reader For Ipad

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Our favorite PDF reader apps for Android and iOS will help you read those important documents on the go. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod standard for reliably viewing, signing, and commenting on PDF documents. PDF Viewer Pro is a fast and beautiful app, allowing you to view, search, and annotate PDF documents with ease on your iPhone and iPad.

Adobe has been in the PDF game since the beginning. They invented PDFs back in and since then have maintained the top spot. Their reader is a complete tool with all of the functions you could possibly need, and it all comes backed by the Adobe name.

Connect to the cloud, switch between 20 languages, and annotate texts with red ink or strikethroughs—the choice is yours. It also comes with best-in-class Adobe support. PDF Expert 6 hit a home run in nearly every category.

The most important thing to look for in a reader is the organization and reading experience, and this app crushes both categories.

The interface is intuitive and easy on the eyes.

The Best PDF Reader for iPad: The Ultimate List

From it, you can add favorites to the sidebar, tag files, view files as thumbnails, organize into folders, or even quick search. For reading, the app offers day, night, and sepia tone functions. The design is what really makes it shine from competitors below it. Our browser-based editor comes with all of the functions of other apps and reads like a real book.

Best PDF Apps for the Apple iPad

The iAnnotate app is a slick reader that allows for infinite scroll and comes with a range of great annotation functions. You can also open a document from another application and print to most Wi-Fi printers on your network without needing optional software.

Tapping on a file name opens it in the viewing window. It gives you a simple way to take a file in and churn a PDF out. Photo to PDF 2 is another simple app.

You can import photo images from you photo libraries or by using the onboard camera in your iPhone or iPad. A switch on the editing windows allows you to constrain the image to a specific size. Multiple images can be placed on the work area, and the order can be changed by dragging and dropping images. Another screen appears asking you to create a file name, select the image quality low, medium, or high and send the image to email or another app.

Photo to PDF 2 is pretty much a one-trick pony.

It is good, however, for giving you an idea of what the paid app does and how it operates. Reading and converting PDF files are great capabilities, but you might be using these files collaboratively.

Annotator apps let you mark up the document, keeping the PDF file format but adding your highlights, comments, or other changes. I found iAnnotate 4 a breeze to use. One thing to know up front is that if you want to work with MS Word and a number of other file types, you first need to set up a Branchfire account.

This is free, and you can perform the setup within the app. There is a library of different annotation icons and actions that can be performed.

Other 4 Best PDF Editors for iPhone and iPad

If you intend to really make use of PDF files, none of the utilities reviewed here is going to be the one single perfect app to have. You can fill in PDF forms and make annotations such as highlights, boxes, freehand drawings, and stamps.

Support for new iOS features means this app can do split-screen multitasking, with two applications open side by side.

While many of us bought our iPads with the idea of it being primarily an entertainment device for streaming video and music, more and more these terrific tablets are being used for productivity applications. The apps reviewed here all address that need in one way or another. The desktop PDF applications available for Windows and OS X are generally more robust than those reviewed here, but they are also an order of magnitude more expensive.

That downloads a lot of functionality on your iPad — functionality that would cost you a great deal more to obtain on your desktop or laptop.

8 Best PDF Reader for iPad and iPhone (2018)

This article was originally published in March and has been updated by Ed Hardy. Visit our network of sites: They can even open an extension file contained within an email without the need to download the file.

With the help of the application, it is possible to highlight, mark pages, annotate, and perform various other editing actions. It also gives you the chance to switch between pages using the continuous scroll mode.

You can even turn on the night mode to read a document in the dark. If you apply for a subscription, you can create PDFs, export files to Excel or Word and perform various other actions. It provides the user with a wide variety of annotation options, which includes Ben, stamp, voice recorder, highlighter, and more.

You can also create PDF from scratch using a graph, blank or lined paper. Other parameters allow you to organize the documents in folders according to date or by alphabet. After saving the file, you can upload it to Dropbox or any other cloud services with ease. It has all the necessary tools embedded into the system that the professional or a personal user would require in editing a PDF document.

You can sign documents, import pages, track changes in review mode, and the newly included text-to-speech feature allows you to add a PDF novel and listen to it on the move.

The professionalism and the carefully designed structure of the software provide greater ability in editing a PDF. The additional commanding utility features include the following:.Cross-platform support of the app is another factor which makes it a worth downloading app.

Document viewer, filler, maker

Along with annotation, you can draw, highlight text, and bookmark pages inside the PDF. You will find all the features that you could expect from a good PDF reader like the ability to change view type from slide to scroll to thumbnail, robust annotation options, ability to add notes and bookmarks, highlight phrases or entire paragraphs different colors , and finally fill in forms and sign documents.

Early on, Adobe released a desktop application for developing a document — or for converting a document or image from another file format — and then outputting it as a PDF file. After Adobe, if there is one app that takes user data seriously, it is Foxit.

I would like to mention the Adobe Scan app here that can scan and convert images into searchable PDF files on the fly.

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