This document supersedes the October edition of DNV-RP-B The purpose of the revision of this service document is to comply with the new DNV GL. Download DNV GL's recommended practice for Cathodic protection design. DET NORSKE VERITAS. DNV-RP-B CATHODIC PROTECTION DESIGN. OCTOBER This document has been amended since the main revision.

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Codes - DNV RP-B - Cathodic Protection Design - Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Cathodic Protection Design. Find the most up-to-date version of DNV-RP-B at Engineering ASTM D Specification for Substitute Ocean Water. AWS D Structural Welding Code-Steel. Det norske Veritas: RP B Cathodic Protection Design.

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In general, these calcareous layers reduce current demand and have no harmful effects. However, there is some risk that they may obstruct mating of subsea electrical or hydraulic connectors with small tolerances.

This may be prevented by applying an insulating layer of a thin film coating e. They can also be applied in combination with sacrificial anodes.

Design, Specification & Service:

Anode to lead wire electrical connections is another critical link. Application of I. This may have implications for the selection of structural materials and coating systems. Stringent on-line control of the protection potential is considered a prerequisite for the application of I.

Chlorine is another hazardous gas produced at I. The generic type of anode material to be used is normally specified by the Operator.

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AI-base anode materials are mostly preferred due to their higher eleetrochemical efficiency. Mg-base anodes have been used in a few cases in combination with AI-base anodes to achieve rapid polarization during the initial phase. The Operator may require that the anode manufacturer shall document the service performance 6.

A recommended testing procedure for long-term testing of anode materials is given in Appendix B.Chlorine is another hazardous gas produced at I.

Google Scholar 3. Samples were galvanostatically held at different current densities, which changed every 24 h according to DNV RP Cerisola, P. So the point is basically that you need two sets of design life , one for CP sytem and the other for the coating you apply to the structure.

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