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The volcano is considered one of the most hazardous of Iceland's 32 active volcanic systems.

During the last years, Katla has erupted at least 21 times, with an average repose interval of around 50 years. The current one-hundred-year repose marks the longest period since a Katla eruption.

The Katla volcanic system is located in the eastern volcanic zone. It is characterized by an km-long fissure swarm and an ice-clad central volcano.

Cooperation is a must for adaptation to and mitigation of climate change - Most of the Nordic and Baltic countries have experienced the hottest summer on record, while the number of days with rain in parts of Iceland was exceptionally high.

Was this summer just an exceptional freak event or is this due to climate change? And if this is due to climate change — what can be done?

Hazardous weather expected later this week - Strong northern winds are forecast from Wednesday until early Saturday morning. You need to clone both the Community and Enterprise repository to have a working Odoo installation Running Odoo Once all dependencies are set up, Odoo can be launched by running odoo-bin.

Tip For the Enterprise edition, you must specify the enterprise addons folder when starting your server. You can do so by providing the path to your enterprise folder in the addons-path parameter.

Please note that the enterprise folder must come before the default addons folder in the list for the addons to be loaded correctly. Configuration can be provided either through command-line arguments or through a configuration file.

Common necessary configurations are: PostgreSQL host, port, user and password. This section will explain how to run Odoo in a such isolated Python environment. Here we are going to use virtualenvwrapper which is a set of shell scripts that makes the use of virtualenv easier.

The examples below are based on a Debian 9 distribution but could be adapted on any platform where virtualenvwrapper and virtualenv are able to run. This section assumes that you obtained the Odoo sources from the zip file or the git repository as explained above.


The same apply for postgresql installation and configuration. If the command works as expected, your shell is now using this environment.January 20, Two free newspapers, Direct Matin Plus and Direct Soir , were in the red in 40 million euros and in estimated 25 million euros.

France Info has reported that under the direction of Serge Nedjar, Direct Matin is very concerned not to displease politicians, regardless of their political party.

Virtual Machine Options Use the available virtual machine options to fine-tune the settings and behavior of your virtual machine and to ensure maximum performance.

This study aimed to determine the potential of organosulfur compounds in SG as inhibitors of fatty acid synthase FAS enzymes which play a role in the process of lipid metabolism.

You can change the number of virtual CPUs while your virtual machine is powered off. You can also request an offline version of the publication to share with your partners and resellers locally without Internet-connection using a USB flash drive or workstation harddrive.

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