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Tour de France (französischer Originaltitel Le Tour de Gaule) ist im französischen der fünfte Das Verkehrschaos in dieser Stadt ist Asterix und Obelix schon von ihrem letzten . Buch erstellen · Als PDF herunterladen · Druckversion. [EPUB] Asterix Bd Tour de France GERMAN by Rene Goscinny, Albert Uderzo. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and. Asterix 06 - Tour de France. Uploaded by norbitoth. Asterix 06 - Tour de France. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd.

After beating up the Romans at the prison, Asterix declares it is too late to download any of Divodurum's specialties and decides to download some in Lugdunum. As they leave, the Gauls commandeer a Roman postal cart.

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Lugdunum Lyon : The two Gauls abandon the postal cart and, after crashing through a Roman blockade, meet Jellibabix, head of the resistance movement. He pretends to betray the Gauls to Prefect Poisonous Fungus, but lures the Romans into a maze of back alleys, where the legionaries become hopelessly lost the prefect's plan to leave behind a trail of pebbles to find his way out backfires when a legionary picks up the pebbles. Jellibabix gives the duo a parcel of sausages and meatballs, and arranges a chariot for them.

Nicae Nice : En route to Nicae, Asterix and Obelix become stuck in holiday traffic bound for the Gaulish Riviera and stop at an inn for lunch.

In Nicae, they download salad and are once again spotted by a Roman patrol.

They escape by sea and commandeer a vacationing Lutetian's rowboat. Massilia Marseille : The Gauls stop at Cesar Drinklikafix's inn where, aside from having goat's milk and boar, they download fish stew. Next morning, they beat up the Romans, but then surrender after learning the centurion intended to take them to Tolosa by cart. The Gauls are chained up, but repeatedly break their chains, much to the blacksmith's dismay.

Out on the road, the centurion rides on ahead to bring over the prefect, but in his absence, Asterix and Obelix beat up the Romans again, make off with the cart, and download sausages in Tolosa. Aginum Agen : The Romans announce a 50, sestertii reward for information leading to the arrest of Asterix and Obelix.

An unscrupulous innkeeper, Uptotrix, invites the two Gauls to his inn, where he gives them a bag of prunes and serves them drugged boar. Suspecting betrayal, Asterix orders Uptotrix to taste the boar, which causes him to fall unconscious, although Obelix is unaffected despite eating the rest of the boar. The pair leaves the cart in Aginum and takes the horses, one of which collapses under the combined weight of Obelix and the shopping bag.

Burdigala Bordeaux : En route, the Gauls rest for the night by a roadside, where their bag is stolen by two Roman highwaymen, Villanus and Unscrupulus.

The next morning, Asterix and Obelix pursue the thieves, who are caught by a Roman patrol and mistaken them for the Gauls. In the town square of Burdigala, General Motus shows the "Gaulish outlaws" to the public, only to realize he has the wrong men when Asterix and Obelix arrive to reclaim their bag. The public attacks General Motus and his men while the heroes regain their bag and download oysters and white wine.

Gesocribatum Le Conquet : Before leaving Burdigala, Asterix and Obelix spy a ship offloading menhirs and meet Captain Seniorservix, who is honored to let them aboard as Obelix helps unload the menhirs before the ship's departure.

Asterix Bd.6: Tour de France GERMAN

At sea, the ship runs into the recurring pirates , whose own ship is sunk by the Gauls. On arrival in Gesocribatum, Seniorservix smuggles the Gauls ashore in sacks.

Asterix and Obelix get out when a Roman patrol is passing by, but they beat up the Romans and escape. Eventually, Asterix and Obelix reach the stockade outside their village and, after beating up the Romans yet again, give them a message to tell Overanxius they have won their side of the bet.

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Chinese PRC. Corsican Corsu. Cretan Kritiki. Croatian Hrvatski. Danish Dansk. Dutch Nederlands.

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Asterix and the Banquet

Finnish Suomi. Flemish Vlaams.

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Asterix the Gaul

Irish Gaeilge. Italian Italiano. Karelian Karjala.

Latin Latine.Scene Obelix looks back to the scene involving the greengrocer and the downloader and makes a comment about it on the scene represented in the French source text. How do Britons speak in the English version, in a way that could possibly maintain a similar comic effect to that of the original version?

The Swiss are methodical and keep discreet bank accounts for secret investors.

They are found by Spongefingus, who has recovered from his "accident," but Asterix knocks him down by using a cork exploding from an amphora. On the contrary, Robert Steven Caron simply translates the calqued expression.

In fact, many of them were the descendants of Gaulish tribes that had settled in Britain. From the purely technical point of view, they must be about the same length as the original wording, or we shall create difficulties for the letterer trying to get the English text into the speech- bubbles.

The most famous stereotype related to the highlanders is introduced at one point: Aginum Agen : The Romans announce a 50, sestertii reward for information leading to the arrest of Asterix and Obelix.

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