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Hi I'm new here. Maybe I'm stupid, but I can't find PDFs of the light novels fanlations in english. Is there such a compilation or am I out of luck?. Accel World Light Novel PDF English Version. 2 years ago · Download Novel. Vol (Google Drive). Tweet · Share · Share · Share · Share. English Translation of Accel World with pictures. The Accel World light novel, manga and anime series features a large cast of characters created by Reki.

While Haruyukis poor speaking skills is a perfect reflection of his real self, Utai appears overwhelmingly smooth with a rich inflection to her words; every word can be heard clearly as though she has taken speaking classes.

Accel World, Vol. 17

Butbut, to talk in this world, isnt the theory that speech signals originate from conscious thought and the Neuro Linker processes them? I myself am not so sure of the specifics. But in the past, Black Lotus said that this is because the depth of quantum consciousness connection is never the same for everyone. Oh, ohI dont understand either Tilting his head to the side in deep thought, Haruyuki returned to closely examining the entirety of Utais avatar.

Page Exquisite as the combination of pure white and vermilion was, the Japanese-style apparel, a white shirt and red skirt, almost made one feel like their very soul was being captured.

No perhaps theres a reason for this appearance. The arrangement of these colours and this appearance reminded him of a certain event in the real world. He remembered that long ago, he had seen it thereremembering that it was before his parents divorced, and the three of them were together for New Years Kuu-san, I dont mind even if you stare at me all day and there, we went to a huge shrineto pray for New Years I wouldnt mind if you want to come pray in June for New Year either After praying, then we went for a divinationand then I remember drawing Greatly Inauspicious But the Guide Cursor has been moving nonstop till now.

It was written on the top that my interaction with others would greatly sufferwait, what? When Utais words finally reached his consciousness, Haruyuki hurriedly looked at the dull blue cursor in the center of his vision.

Indeed, the cursor was circling from left to right speedily, and the opponents were surely were the arrow pointed. This picturesque grassland after all is a battleground provided by Brain Burst, not a virtual space to chitchat. No goodtheyve gotten a lot closer! Quickly grasping the situation, Haruyuki checked on the opposing tag team information in the upper right corner of his vision.

However, he was quite surprised upon checking the other name.

Its Bush Utan. A Level 3, hes also a Green Legionnaire whom Haruyuki has battled numerous times before. But whenever he appeared in the Suginami Ward, it was always in a tag team with the person he called Big Bro, the motorcycle rider Ash Roller.

Despite his misgivings, it wasnt as though he teamed up with his pal to battle more than half the time, so Haruyuki set his feelings of uneasiness aside. There was a more pressing question before him: gong by the Guide Cursor, the enemy should have closed in within twenty metres and logically the battling will begin soon, but where are they?

Tiptoeing, Haruyuki desperately scanned in the direction of the Cursor, but all he could see was the absurdly tall grass being blown by the wind.

Not even the silhouettes of the opponents avatar could be seen. They surely should be keeping a low profile as though swimming through the grass. While Haruyuki looked all around, Utai softly spoke to him: Kuu-san, it seems that the opponents have split themselves into the front and rear vanguards. I will take care of the rear and leave the front to you.

Please let me see your true strength. She leisurely walked towards the back after saying that. From Utais manner of speech before the battle, she should be related to Kuroyukihimes Disaster Armour Purification Plan for her, a rural resident, to even appear before Haruyuki. And it is almost as though she is judging on whether to take part or not based on the outcome of this battle. As such, a meaningful victory should be desired; a quick win is out of the question. But it is useless to talk about winning when the enemy cant be found at this very moment.

From the opponents constant movement to the left, coming closer in a spiral pattern, he will soon approach within 10 metres of Haruyuki,and at that point the Guide Cursor will vanish.

With increasing desperation, he searched high and low for his opponent to no avail, unable to distinguish between the occasional rustling of the wind and the sound of an opponents footsteps. He abruptly shut his eyes and directed all his concentration to his ears. He needs to listen for the difference in sounds when an opponent tramples the grass as he advances, and the rustling of grass and leaves when the wind blows. Theres a minute difference within the two that should be heard.

Two seconds later. Feeling extremely irritated, Haruyuki opened his eyes again. No matter how he listens, there seems to be zero variation of the shashasha sound coming from all directions. Usually there will be small differences between the two players, but to perceive this aural difference might possibly require anti-detection training.

His eyes and ears are useless in this situation.

Accel World Volume 9

Haruyuki might be able to find the opponent if he was able to fly with his wings, but his Special Gauge is still empty and there are no breakable objects in the surroundings. On the edge of grinding his teeth in worry, the Guide Cursor in Haruyukis vision finally disappeared.

Strictly speaking, there is still one more Cursor, albeit pale-coloured, but it points towards the rear vanguard opponent instead, and as such is irrelevant to the circumstances. He doesnt know if the front vanguard is Bush Utan or Olive Glove, but that guy, having come within a radius of 10 metres, should be waiting for an opportunity to strike and dish out the punishment to Silver Crow.

Of course, Haruyuki could simply copy the same strategy and lie low among the grass, but doing so will sacrifice the biggest advantage of Silver Crow: its speed. And in doing so, the duel will become a mutual fistfight on the ground. Had this been a regular battle, Haruyuki would have abandoned all thoughts by this time; make preparations beforehand to attack the weak spots, steadily fill his Special Gauge, and bet on aerial combat from the middle of the fight onwards.

This could be said to be the default fighting style of Haruyuki. Its because Silver Crow is not very durable and its attack range is short, therefore it isnt suited for grappling combat on the ground. Theres a definite loss of advantages while not flying Because thats what he has always believed in his heart.

But, Shinomiya Utai had asked to see Haruyukis true strength. This true strength could be said as Ones true power. And as for true, it would mean that no reservation nor excuse is acceptable. Most importantly, this battle definitely has a direct connection to the success or failure of the Purification Plan.

Have I no cards left to deal with this situation? As he wondered, a thought seemed to flash in his heart. What if its her? Even if the Black King, Black Lotus, is only strong in close-quarters combat, what would she do if in the same situation as Haruyuki? Of course she wouldnt be frantically looking around like he is; shed definitely stay in that one spot leisurely until the enemy shows himself to attack, betting on that one instant to counter.

Indeed, shed do this. Since the enemy is a close-combat type, he certainly wont be standing in the grass the instant he strikes. Naturally, Haruyuki will be the one slower to react in this course of action. He cant pre-emptively strike even if he sees the enemy.

But in the Direct Connect duel last week, she told him that a skill to switch from defense to offense exists. He cant replicate it exactly, but even if he tries and fails, its a hundred times better than not thinking and blankly standing there. Releasing his entire body, Haruyuki half-closed his eyes.

The image of Black Lotus during last weeks duel appears in his mind. Silver Crows fastest, most powerful right-hand punch was still slow in comparison to the speed at which the Black King had intercepted it. Her movement was not so much fast as it was without excess movement. It wasnt merely repelling the enemy strike as much as it was pulling it in and diverting its vector to push it away.

A high-pitched RIIIN sound can be heard in his consciousness, blotting out all sound in the background even though hes keeping perfectly still. This is the Accelerated Sense, which Haruyuki only experiences after surpassing a certain level of concentration, although this is his first time doing so when keeping still in such a relaxed state. After an indeterminable amount of time, Haruyuki finally felt the direction of the opponents first strike; not by seeing nor hearing, but by the slight tremors of footsteps.

Haruyuki turned his body and raised his right hand simultaneously. At the same moment, his opponent emerged from the grass, fist thrusting forwards; a small, grassy-green avatar that blended into the surroundings: Bush Utan. His mask resembles that of a primate. His body is hunched over with small feet, but his arms are long and thick. It would seem that he had not run through the grass, but instead depended on his muscular arms to swim through, which explained the lack of the sound of footsteps.

There is a distinct advantage for the short-statured in this kind of terrain. To Haruyuki, this first strike is a surprise attack. By the time hes determined his opponents identity, the huge right fist is no more than ten centimetres away from his face. Combined with the fact that his footing is less than ideal, its impossible to dodge this hit.

Certain that his first hit would connect, Utan gave a loud shout. Without making a sound, Haruyuki intercepted the enemys fist with his open palm.

The blazing power from the enemys right hook was transferred to the palm. In this moment, any attempt to withstand and block would certainly end with the arms being deflected instantly and the face bearing the brunt of the strike. Rather than doggedly resisting, it is to adjust ones movements to match the enemys action; not to reject his strength but to change his vector. The key point is a Circular motion. Its similar to how he played the virtual squash game daily in the past: the speed of the ball will rise infinitely if power hits are always used to return it, so it became necessary to lower its speed by moving the rackets face in a circular wrapping motion.

Recalling the action, Haruyuki twisted his opponents fist in an anti-clockwise direction with his palm. It wasnt possible for him to fully absorb the power of this strike: his right wrist armour creaked from the stress applied, but at the same time he felt the fists trajectory being altered.

At this stage, Kuroyukihime could already redirect the attack a hundred and eighty degrees to throw Haruyuki backwards completely.

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Naturally, Haruyuki didnt have such proficiency, but a deflection of about ten degrees was all that was needed here, such that it would not be a direct hit at least. Clenching his teeth and holding his breath, Haruyuki carefully redirected Utans fist into a circular motion. A small scraping sound sounded as a sharp, burning, sensation assailed his left cheek. A few dots were shaved off from his HP Gauge. However, the huge fist merely glanced off Haruyukis helmet for an instant and continued on past; Utans upper body lost balance.

It would probably be a result of only his arms and shoulders being exceptionally developed, hence raising his centre of gravity too high whenever he strikes. Realising in that instant, Haruyuki involuntarily swept out his right leg towards Utans short legs.

The grassy green avatar yelped and somersaulted uncontrollably, landing on his back with a ZAN! Although the tall grass might have cushioned the fall and reduced the damage, Utans HP Gauge nevertheless fell by a few percentage points.

I did it! That looked like Guard Reversal! Much as he was elated with himself, it was too early to celebrate. Haruyuki crouched slowly and devoted his full attention to his perception. The next attempt came quickly; within seconds, the ground shook with the vibrations of footsteps from directly behind.

Moving faster than his eye could see, Haruyukis right hand shot out, and in the instant he felt it catch something, immediately guided it into a circular motion again. When his vision caught up to his action, it was the sight of the deflected left straight and Utan having lost his balance again that greeted his eyes.

Utan had attempted to forcibly correct his attacks trajectory at the cost of raising his centre of gravity when his left leg was fully straightened; Haruyuki reflexive catching of Utans fist with his palm therefore resulted his his arm hitting Utans shoulder.


With that single shout, Haruyuki put in his strength to deflect Utan, sending him flipping end-over-end higher in the air before landing on his face. Stuck in that disastrous position with his legs waving in the air for a moment, Bush Utan jumped up explosively with his arm strength to spin a hundred and eighty degrees and land on his feet. Instead of tunneling back into the grass, he merely retreated a few steps and pointed at Haruyuki: Hohoho, as expected of Ash-bros longtime rival!

Not expecting this kind of response, Haruyuki could only blink and sputter incoherently:Eh It It is? But Utan merely continued his rant without paying attention to him: To think youd use such an extraordinarily clever defense technique!

But if you think youve won already, dont get a head of yourself! I would truly be undefeatable if I gave up direct attacking and went for sneak attacks instead! He wasnt wrong at all. Although he understood Kuroyukihimes tactic of technique beating strength with great difficulty, it was fundamentally ineffective against throwing and grappling skills.

If both his legs were to be grabbed by Utans massive hands below the grass, he would end up in a one-sided battle without a doubt. However Utan merely waved his right index finger at Haruyuki, who was sending himself into a panic: But if we used grappling skills here, the audience here would be super-disatisfied, right?

That way, they wouldnt see anything at all! Upon hearing this, Haruyuki scanned his surroundings and discovered that besides Shinomiya Utai Ardor Maiden, who was watching him from a distance, and the other opponent Olive Glove, who had yet to make his appearance, everyone else was observing by standing among the grass.. Utan was quite correct: no matter how fiercely Haruyuki and Utan tussle on the ground, they would not be seen by anybody.

Eh, I just wanna clarify, I absolutely wont agree to using brute strength to decide the winner! When Haruyuki had blurted out as such, Utan replied just as he slapped his right fist into the the palm of his left: Hoho, thats a pretty good idea!

But too bad, those skinny arms of yours that look like bamboo are no match for mine full of power.

Entri Populer

Thats why, this time Im going to bring out my newly acquired skill! NNew skill? This made Haruyuki tense up. As far as he knew, Bush Utans only two weapons are 1 The strength contained within his huge arms, and 2 The ability to extend them by up to three times their length by depleting his Special Gauge. Since he was a Level 3 in the duel last week, it naturally couldnt be that he had obtained a new Special Move or ability.

If that was the case, then he should have used his Burst Points to download an Enhanced Armament, or he had perhaps developed a new battle technique.

No matter which one it was, he needed to be extra careful. This group of people encircled two weakly flickering points of light. One of them was grassy green in colour and the other is the colour of ash.

Of the six who have killed Roller and Utan countless times, five of them are unknown to Haruyuki, seeing them from the first time. One of the six just moments ago dealt a killing blow to Ash. This player was of medium height and slim build, and his two hands gave a feeling of large volume. His armour was a dark green colour like tea. Of course they also were familiar with Ash Roller, and probably friends as inferred from their speech. Yet he, with no change of expression whatsoever, emotionlessly stabbed Ash through the chest.

Gazing upwards at Haruyuki, expressions of surprise leaked out from the face masks of Olive Glove and the five others. From their chests, a small, strange object shaped like an eyeball was equipped.

It is the darkness-filled body of the ISS Kit, which grants its users control over the Incarnate System to gain offensive power beyond the system.

In exchange, it amplifies the negative feelings of its wearer, warping the personalities of the player before even logging into the game. It was likely, thus, that the six who had attacked Ash Roller, Olives fellow senior legionnaire were under the Kits control, including Bush Utan.

But Haruyuki no longer cared about all this. Ash Roller is a member of another legion, and it could be said that they are enemies. And yet Ash had always been Haruyukis opponent; his first duel after becoming a Burst Linker, his first loss, and also his first victory.

No matter what the situation was, Ash would always treat Brain Burst as a fighting game and play only for the fun of it. At some unknown time, his passion had become Haruyukis emotional support in a significant way. When Haruyuki had encountered adverse situations or was at a loss, Ash would always lead him back to the path of the Burst Linker with his super-masculine fighting style and the bold exhaust sound of his American bike.

It was always so hot-blooded, so happy-go-lucky whenever they duelled. But these six people instead depended on bullying the weak and the overwhelming superiority of Incarnate attacks to incessantly slaughter Ash, leading Haruyuki to hold only hatred for them. Having been restored to a dormant seed stage with great diofficulty, it was precisely those feelings of hatred and wrath which revived the Disaster Armour, leading Haruyuki to the completely opposite side.

It could be said to be a huge contradiction, but Haruyuki is no longer aware of that. Inky black sparks burst from from him hovering in midair. Haruyuki raised the sharp greatsword high into the sky. On the ground, Olive Glove and the five others, as though judging this action to be offensive, raised their right hands perfectly in unison to aim at Haruyuki.

An identical layer of black Over-Ray1 reesembling viscous darkness enveloped six arms of different sizes and shapes. The darkness rapidly increased in density, distorting the space all around, illustrating the fearsome attack power accumulated within. At the same time, a line of small English font appeared at high speed in the grey overlayer of Haruyukis vision.

This is not the actual attack, but merely the attack trajectory calculated by the Armour with its vast accumulation of battle experience being illustrated in Haruyukis vision. These long range attacks were nothing special, being directly aimed at his chest. To dodge them would be effortless. These long range attacks were nothing special. Having been restored to a dormant seed stage with great diofficulty.

This is not the actual attack.

Haruyuki raised the sharp greatsword high into the sky. Inky black sparks burst from from him hovering in midair. The six Burst Linkers on the ground momentarily clenched their fists before forcefully opening their fists. On the ground. But these six people instead depended on bullying the weak and the overwhelming superiority of Incarnate attacks to incessantly slaughter Ash.

The darkness rapidly increased in density. It could be said to be a huge contradiction. At the same time.

It closely resembled its counterparts on the ground. An identical layer of black Over-Ray1 reesembling viscous darkness enveloped six arms of different sizes and shapes. To dodge them would be effortless.

It was always so hot-blooded. Olive Glove and the five others. But these six had surrounded him. The clash between Incarnation attacks of the same attribute seemed to shatter space itself with their collision. The clearest proof was the two Grave Markers nestled together. A thirst that knows only to seek Burst Points from others to be satiated.

Three days before. The Demonic City stage. Had they not met the group. Haruyuki however. An ugly lust for victory. He as a reserved fighting gamer had distanced himself from the Incarnate System. Ash and Utan should have been at the Chiyoda Ward far.

The dark aura of the sword blazed ferociously. Even if it was enough to technically cause the Overwrite phenomenon 3. To depend on other users of Acceleration to reduce the risk to themselves. It is these kind of people who sued such powers to murder Ash roller repeatedly. The power contained in this wave is enough to annihilate any other duel avatar in an instant. But there was the booster-type Enhanced Armament. In actual fact. After the duel they had in the morning while going to school.

Just before Suzaku could vaporise them with a breath of ultra-hot flames. In that instant. When Haruyuki had exhausted the energy source of his Aviation ability.Instantly, leaving a light vortex and bell like sound, the cat disappeared. Ash had told Haruyuki his plans. Ardor Maiden nonchalantly glanced at Silver Crow, less a whole arm and one of his wings, and Bush Utan who had him by the throat and off the ground. That is, to say in other words, the shape of a pink pig.

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